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The Editor

The editor can be customized to accomodate your own tastes and working style.


You can adjust settings including the default editor theme, default font, and all padding and spacing from the PreferencesAppearance pane.

To adjust the behavior of the editor, including smart editing and smart return functionality, see the PreferencesEditing pane.

Invisible Characters

If you’d like to see where invisible characters such as spaces, tabs, carriage returns, and line breaks are happening in your document, use View▸Show Invisible Characters (I).

Line Numbers

You can enable line numbers using View▸Show Line Numbers (L). This shows a number for every line. Note that paragraphs may take up multiple lines visually when they wrap at the screen width, but they’re still a single line.

Paragraph numbering is enabled with View▸Show Paragraph Numbers (L). This numbering will show numbers only for lines that contain text, and will count multiple lines with no whitespace between them (e.g. a list) as a single paragraph.

Document Info

To display total counts for words, characters, lines, and paragraphs, turn Info on using Window▸Toggle Info (I). This will add a bar at the bottom of the editor displaying document information. Disable it with the same menu item.

Focus Mode

When you want to focus on the current document, you can hide the file list using Window▸Toggle File List (F). You can also toggle the preview window on and off using Window▸Toggle Preview (P) for full focus on your writing.

Typewriter Mode

Typewriter mode keeps the line you’re currently editing focused in the vertical center of the edit window. Turn this on and off with View▸Typewriter Mode (T).

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