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nvUltra Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
, Preferences…
H Hide nvUltra
H Hide Others
Q Quit nvUltra
Q Quit and Close All Windows
N New Folder
O Open Folder…
L Search/Create
W Close
W Close All
P Page Setup…
P Print…
Z Undo
Z Redo
X Cut
C Copy
C Copy As HTML
C Copy As LaTeX
V Paste
V Paste and Match Style
[ Decrease ATX Header Level
] Increase ATX Header Level
A Select All
Increase Selection
Decrease Selection
Move to Next Paragraph
Move to Previous Paragraph
Move to Previous Header
Move to Next Header
[ Shift Left
] Shift Right
Shift Up
Shift Down
A Select All
F Find…
F Find and Replace…
G Find Next
G Find Previous
E Use Selection for Find
J Jump to Selection
: Show Spelling and Grammar
; Check Document Now
B Bold
I Italic
L Toggle List Type
A Accept Selected Change(s)
R Reject Selected Change(s)
P Move Selection to Previous Change
N Move Selection to Next Change
T Typewriter mode
A Auto Zoom
= Zoom Editor In
- Zoom Editor Out
L Show Line Numbers
L Show Paragraph Numbers
I Show Invisible Characters
X Track Changes
F Enter Full Screen
M Minimize
M Minimize All
F Toggle File List
I Toggle Info
O Edit File(s) (external editor)
P Toggle Preview
R Refresh Preview
/ MultiMarkdown Syntax Guide
[0-9] Saved Searches

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